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from zac, Hey Gus,
Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your work.  A lot of time and care went into the design, and not only did you follow my design to the tee, but you have really delivered a product that was even better than I imagined.  It looks absolutely stunning - we receive compliments on it every time we have guests over - and it is very well-built, truly heirloom-quality.  I will certainly come back to you the next time I need a piece of custom fine furniture!

zac1b.jpg platform bed
ZAC platform bed with lights

August's work is featured on

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ZAC platform bed

Queen Cherry ZAK platform bed --$5500

Walnut Zac platform bed
a variation of the Zac bed

This bed is $5500 in solid Walnut or Cherry, or $6500 in Teak. UPS shipping is $500.

Gus -
Thanks so much for the photos.  I'd been meaning to get back to you with an enormous thanks for your exceptional craftsmanship and for your very appreciated assembly / installation.  Lucille & I really love the bed.  We wish it was in a bigger/sunnier room so we could get better photos.  I'll try over the next couple of weeks to get better photos that properly reveal what an exquisite / functional piece of furniture that you have created.
Take care.

Platform bed for Carole & Jacek -June '07

The Jacek bed was custom made
with 10" wide decks, slanted headboard
and tables. It really looks suspended
 in thin air, especially with lights under
the deck.
As shown, $3000

Platform bed jacekbed.jpg
the Jacek platform bed

     Mr Gus:
                       Like  I said,  your bed is amazing, you can definitely quote me on that! I said it because, if you look at the pics, it just looks the way I wanted it... sensual and mystical! I just didnt want to have the bed by itself on the pic, thats why I told you I wanted to put my things on it so it could look the way I want it to look, just amazing! You  be the judge please! The 1st pic is the way it looks like normally. I usually only have the candles on, but for the pic purposes I also turned the headboard lights on! Even with that little light on, it looks misterious, sensual and mystical! Just like I like it! Still, since you cant see the bed very much, I turned the lights on and on the 2nd pic you can admire the entire bed! Still, it kinda takes the mistery out of it, but it still looks good! Whichever pic you'd like to use, you're more than welcome! I like them both but prefer the dim one! But, it's up to you! Thank you for your work, for your patience and thank you so very much for letting me enjoy both of them! Let me know which one you'd like to use!
         Thanks again and God bless! Until next time!
               Sincerely:                               Raphael

Zen platform bed
Zen platform bed

Raphael's ZEN bed

Zen platform bed
Zen platform bed 1


Asian Torii platform bed with wing tables
Torii platform bed with wing tables

Solid Cherry, Cypress or Walnut Torri bed with wing tables
Queen $2200
King    $2400

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